You will find below testimonials from previous groups (we have many more but it would be too long to feature them all !).

Bear in mind that there are several hotels named “Chateau de Varennes” or Varenne in France thus the trip advisor reviews that you can see for Varennes-Sauveterre or Varenne-Jarcy or Varennes-le-grand are not related to us.

Please feel free to request references. We can provide you  contact details of previous guests from all over the world ! We can accommodate all cultures and type of food (on top of French/Western food, our chef is able to cater in a fusion, Indian, Asian, Latin American and African style)

We are also hosting many corporate events and a most of them are coming back every year since we opened (this loyalty must be a sign that the food is good^). You can also check more recent wedding pictures/videos/press articles on our Facebook page as we do not have much time to update our blog here.

And we are proud to have 4.9 out of 5 with 123 Facebook reviews^^


  • Suzanne & Jean (September 2019, wedding, Irish & Lebanese)

  • Gina & Davina (September 2019, birthday, USA)

  • Carley & Ian (August 2019, wedding, UK)

  • Charlotte & Adam (August 2019, wedding, UK)

  • Théa & Alex (July 2019, wedding, Norway)

  • Olga & Keith (July 2019, wedding, international)

  • Catie & Greg (July 2019, wedding, USA)

  • Samantha & Alex (June 2019, wedding, USA & UK)

  • Liz & Spencer (June 2019, wedding, USA)

  • Anne-Laure & Florian (June 2019, wedding, France)

  • Alice & Andrew (June 2019, wedding, USA)

  • Alena & Luke (May 2019, wedding, USA)

  • Chase & Gautier (May 2019, wedding, French American)

  • Emily & Matthew (May 2019, wedding, UK)

  • Ria & Clément (May 2019, wedding, Philippines & France)

  • Markus (November 2018, birthday group, Switzerland)

  • Sweenie & Issac (October 2018, wedding, India & Africa & UK)

  • H&P (October 2018, christening & wedding, Switzerland & France)

  • Chloe & Lari (September 2018, wedding Finland & USA)

  • Candice & Liam (September 2018, wedding, UK)

  • Emily & Zach (September 2018, wedding, USA)

  • S&P (September 2018, wedding, Jersey islands)

  • N & E (September 2018, wedding, Ethiopia/Zimbabwe/USA)

  • Devashish & Marc-Antoine (August 2018, wedding, India & France & USA)

  • A&P (July 2018, christening & wedding, Switzerland)


  • S&D (July 2018, wedding, UK)


  • P&M (June 2018, wedding & holiday week, Germany)


  • M&M (June 2018, wedding & holiday week, China & Switzerland)


  • T&F (June 2018, wedding, Filipinos & international)

1806_Tessa_Fred_Thank you note_review_598


  • S&A (June 2018, wedding, Ireland, UK)

1806_Steph_Chateau de Varennes_wedding_review

  • M&K (May 2018, wedding, USA)

1805_Megan_Chateau de Varennes_wedding_review

  • Charlotte & Ben (May 2018, wedding, UK)


  • Marianne & Raphael (May 2018, wedding, Denmark & Germany)


  • Jane & gary (April, birthday, UK)

1804_Jane_Gary_review_birthday group_001_550

  • Eton (April 2018, holiday group, USA)

1804_Eton_review holiday group_001_550 1804_Eton_review_holiday group_002_550

  • Maria (December 2017, Christmas/New year Eve holiday, Italy)


  • GG (late October 2017, birthday/holiday group, Switzerland/Argentina)


  • Dorothy & Luc (October 2017, wedding, Malaysia/UK/France)


  • Patricia (October 2017, holiday week, USA)

1710_review_Patricia Trivinia_598

  • Jessica & Gary (August 2017, wedding, UK)

1708_Jessica_Gary_facebook review_598

  • Marina & Benedikt (August 2017, wedding, Germany/Mexico/Moldova/Switzerland)

1708_Marina_Benedikt_facebook review

  • Jenna & Killian (August 2017, wedding, UK/Ireland)

1708_Jenna Killian_instagram review

  • M&N (August 2017, wedding, USA)


  • Alex & David (August 2017, wedding, UK)

1708_Alex_David_review_001_mother of groom

1708_Alex_David_guestbook review

  • Felicia & Hadley (July 2017, wedding, Korean-Swedish bride and Chinese groom living in NY city, planned and styled by Sinclair & Moore)


  • Divya & Arun (July 2017, wedding, Indian couple living in London)

1707_Divya_Arun_guestbook review_002

  • Capucine & Matthieu (July 2017, wedding, French couple living in Singapore)

1707_Capucine_Matthieu_guestbook review

  • Cecile & Jeroen (July 2017, wedding, Netherlands)

1707_Cecile_Jeroen_facebook review

  • Virginie & Charles (June 2017, wedding, France)

1706_Virginie_Charles_facebook review_598

  • Magdalene & Mervyn (June 2017, engagement celebration, Singapore)

1706_Magdalene_Mervyn_guestbook review_001

  • Brittany and Danny (June 2017, wedding, USA)

1706_Brittany_Danny_guestbook review_001


  • Alex & Sebastian (June 2017, wedding, USA, planned & styled by Luxe Events)

1706_Alex_Seb_facebook review_Hedy Grant_mother of the groom

1707_Alex_Sebastian_guestbook review_001

  • Jackie and Sean (June 2017, wedding, Ireland)

1706_Jackie_Sean_facebook review

1706_Jackie_Sean_guestbook review


  • Kate & Niall (May 2017, wedding, British couple based in Dubai)

1705_Kate_Niall_guestbook review

  • Anka & Daniel (May 2017, wedding, Switzerland)

1705_Anka_Daniel_facebook review

  • Lizzie & Jim (may 2017, wedding, UK, planned and styled by NKT-Events)

1705_Lizzie_Jim_guestbook review_002

1705_Lizzie_Jim_guestbook review_001


  • Danielle & Rob (May 2017, wedding, UK)

1705_Dan_Rob_guestbook review_001

1705_Dan_Rob_guestbook review_002

  • Michael (April 2017, corporate group, USA)

1704_Michael Pardo_review_002

  • Sylvie Gil (April 2017, photography workshop, USA)

1704_Sylvie Gil_workshop review_001

  • Kerry (April 2017, holiday group, UK, Belgium & Spain)


  • Joanna & Charles (September 2016, wedding, UK/Australia) – Featured on 100Layercake blog


  • Robert (September 2016, holiday group, UK/USA)


* Jess & Vanya (September 2016, Serbia/Australia/USA) – Featured on Wedding Sparrow, an award winning inspirational website specialising in fine art weddings


* Caro & Kevin (September 2016, Germany/France/Austria) – video on our blog

1609_Caro_Kevin_facebook review_best venue


1609_caro_kevin_facebook-review_596_0021609_Caro_Kevin_instagram review_001

1608_press article_FWS_Alex_Matt_003_598_review1608_press article_FWS_Alex_Matt_004_598

  • Emmanuele & Nicolas (August 2016, France & Luxembourg)

1608_Em_Nico_facebook review_598_z

* Pauline & Muneer (August 2016, France/Saoudi Arabia/Dubai) – video on our blog



  • Hannah & Andrew (July-August 2016, holiday group, UK & international)


  • Andrea (July 2016, birthday party & holiday group, UK)


* Libby & Mark (July 2016, Australia & Canada)

1607_Libby_Mark_instagram review_598_z


* Sara & Josh (July 2016, USA, this wedding was featured in Style me pretty)


* Leroy & Jon Paul (June 2016, South Africa/Australia/UK)


* Jade & Martin (June 2016, Australia & Netherlands) – video on our blog

1606_Jade_review facebook_598_z

* Alex & Samuel (June 2016, Switzerland & France) – Featured on the Knot, the most popular bridal blog in the US

1606_Alex_Samuel_review facebook_598_z

1606_Olivier Sibille_review facebook_Alex Sam_z

* Sadie & Jack (May 2016, UK)

1605_Sadie_Jack_instagram review_598_002_z

1605_Sadie_Jack_instagram review_598_001_z

* Allie & Pierre (May 2016, USA & France)

1605_Allie_Pierre_instagram review_Chateau de Varennes_destination wedding_598_z

* Caris & Dan (late Sept 2015, Australian couple living in London, review posted on our instagram account @chateaudevarennes) – Featured on Style me pretty

1509_instagram review_Caris_550

* Julie & Romain (mid-Sept 2015, France)

1509_Julie_Romain_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Jenny & Regan (early September 2015, Philippines, New-Zealand, UK)

Their backstage pictures were featured on our Facebook page : Romantic September wedding by  Chateau de Varennes

1509_Jenny_Regan_instagram_Chateau de Varennes wedding_550

1509_Jenny_Regan_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Allison & Bianca (early September 2015, USA)


1509_Allison_Bianca_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Helen & Marc (August 2015, UK) – video on our blog

1508_Helen_Marc_instagram_Chateau de Varennes wedding_550

1508_Helen_Marc_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550_c

* Marine & Romain (August 2015, France) – video on our blog

1508_Marine_Romain_instagram_Chateau de Varennes wedding_550

1508_Marine_Romain_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Zoe & Fredrik (August 2015, UK, Norway, USA) – Featured on Style me pretty, the most popular blog in the world

Click on the picture to get more images of this stunning wedding by Ian Holmes Photography

1508_Zoe_facebook review_Chateau de Varennes_550


1508_Zoe_Fredrik_instagram_Chateau de Varennes wedding_550

* Michael & Sascha (August 2015, Switzerland)

Click on the picture to get more images

1508_Michael_Sascha_instagram_Chateau de Varennes wedding_550

1508_Michael_Sascha_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Tarryn & Rick (July 2015, Australia, South Africa) – video on our blog

1507_Tarryn_Rick_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

1507_Tarryn_Rick_guestbook review_002_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Vicky & Adam (July 2015, UK)

1507_Vicky_Adam_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Anne & Arnaud (USA, France)

1507_Anne_Arnaud de Vienne_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Chrystelle & Tarek (July 2015, Lebanon) – featured in Femme magazine (special wedding issue)

1507_Chrystelle_Tarek_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

1507_Chrystelle_Tarek_guestbook review_002_Chateau de Varennes_550

1507_Chrystelle_Tarek_guestbook review_003_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Lana & Jon (July 2015, Russia, UK) – video on our blog

1507_Lana_Jon_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Michele & Daniel (June 2015, Africa, Romania, Canada)

1506_Michele_Daniel_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

1506_Michele_Daniel_guestbook review_002_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Charlotte & Mike (June 2015 – UK) – This wedding is featured on French wedding style blog

1506_Charlotte_Mike_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

*Anne & Remi (June 2015 – China, France)

1506_Anne_Remi_guestbook review_001_Chateau de Varennes_550

1506_Anne_Remi_guestbook review_002_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Carla & Mario (June 2015 – Brazil, will be back for their anniversary in 2020 !!!)

1506_Carla_Mario_facebook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

1506_Carla_Mario_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

1506_Carla_Mario_guestbook review_002_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Amy & Matt (May 2015, UK)

1506_Amy_Matt_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Holiday group from London (May 2015)

1506_Nidal_guestbook_review_Chateau de Varennes_001_550

1506_Nidal_guestbook_review_Chateau de Varennes_002_550

* Krystal & Rob (May 2015 – Australia/USA/Hong Kong) – Featured on Style me pretty

1505_Krystal_Rob_facebook review_Chateau de Varennes_550


1505_Krystal_Rob_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_550

1505_Krystal_Rob_guestbook review_002_Chateau de Varennes_550

* Gemma & Alan wedding (May 2015 – UK)

Gemma_Alan_review_Chateau de Varennes_champagne thank you note

Gemma_Alan_Chateau de Varennes review

* Christiana & Baron wedding (April 2015 – Cyprus/HK/UK)

1504_Christiana_Baron_guestbook_review_500_Chateau de Varennes

* Sylvie Gil photography workshop (March/April 2015 – USA – will come back in April 2016)

1503_Sylvie Gil photography workshop_guestbook review_500_Chateau de Varennes

1503_Sylvie Gil photography workshop_facebook review_500

* Heloise & Christophe wedding (September 2014 – France)

Chateau de Varennes destination wedding testimonial

Their wedding planners also sent us a lovely thank you note. They are one of the most sought after event agencies in Paris.

Merci très sincèrement pour votre accueil, votre aide, votre souplesse et votre capacité à trouver toujours des solutions et rendre notre travail du plus agréable possible. Nous n’avons jamais connu un tel service depuis 8 ans :)! Nous espérons également retravailler avec vous très vite et dans votre magnifique lieu! Encore un grand merci

Camille de Luca – Directrice de l’agence

bulle et tulle_wedding planning agency Paris_logo

* Clara & Stephane wedding (September 2014 – Singapore/France- the amazing video of this wedding is in our blog)

Sweet words from the bride : thank you so much for your wonderful arrangements and for making our perfect wedding come true

review chateau holiday

* MT & Basile (August 2014 – France/Lebanon)

luxury wedding venue france


We also got a kind thank you note from their wedding planner Florence Marty who is managing the best event agency in Morocco

Chère Sonia, Cher Aymeric,
Je tenais à vous remercier pour votre aide précieuse, votre accueil, et votre professionnalisme.
Ce fut un réel plaisir de travailler à vos côtés, j’espère avoir le plaisir de collaborer à nouveau avec vous.
Merci infiniment à toute votre équipe, efficace, chaleureuse, et tellement sympathique.
A très vite, à Marrakech,
Bien à vous,
Florence (Instants magiques)

* Susan & Russell’s holiday week (July-August 2014 – USA)

1407_Susan Cameron holiday week_guestbook review_Chateau de Varennes_500


* Pat & Erica’s wedding (July 2014 – USA)

1407_Pat Erica wedding_guestbook review_500


* MJ & Romain wedding (July 2014 – France)

Review luxury chateau

* Simone & Andrew wedding (July 2014 – Australia/Canada)

french holiday chateau

* Adelina & Felix wedding (June 2014 – Romania/Canada/Germany)

Review holiday chateau

* Stacy’s birthday week-end (May 2014, UK/USA)

Review best chateau

* Rachel & Ekant’s wedding (May 2014 – US/India)

Rachel is from Philadelphia, Ekant is from New Dehli. They were based in NYC and are currently moving to South Carolina… They chose France because it was mid-way from Americas and India and they chose Burgundy because Ekant is a savvy wine connoisseur..

“Words cannot express how thrilled we are with what you put together tonight. You did a fabulous job and our guests had an amazing time thanks to your creativity and attention to detail.”

Review best chateau


* Edel & Gerard’s wedding (May 2013 – Ireland/Australia)

Both Irish but based in Australia, they chose Burgundy for a sunny holiday break. 5 days of fun and lot of Irish beers flowing relentlessly…

Review french chateau




We hosted a few corporate groups in October. We opened again in April for a few corporate and holiday groups then the wedding season started off again at a fast pace !


* Alice & Jonas’ wedding (Sept 2013 – Australia/Germany)

Hello lovely de Truchis family,
Alice and I are now back in Sydney. It’s hard to be finishing this amazing time but we have collected so many unforgettable memories during the last 4 weeks that we will have a lot more joy thinking about our trips before and after the wedding, the chateau, the actual beautiful celebration and all the fun memories with our families and friends… Very much looking forward to seeing all the pictures, the first ones I have seen looked absolutely amazing.

All the best to you. Alice & Jonas

* Rebecca & Ed’s wedding (Sept 2013 – Australia/UK)

French chateau review

* Lucy & Leon’s wedding (Sept 2013 – UK – the couple came back for their wedding anniversary in 2014)

The bride’s word :

best wedding chateau


The groom’s word :

Now that things have settled down I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Aymeric for making our wedding so special – we have enjoyed every moment from our initial visit where you let us have dinner with your family and friends to the amazing weekend just gone. I could have not have dreamt of a more fantastic wedding – you have an amazing home and it was a true fairy tale wedding for me and Lucy and we cannot thank you enough for accommodating us and being so flexible with the arrangements which has allowed our dream wedding to become a reality.  All our friends and family cannot stop talking about how fantastic everything was – it was so so perfect.

* Emilie & JC’s wedding and week holiday (August 2013, France/USA)

Best chateau

* Cherie & Jordan’s wedding (August 2013- UK – the couple came back for their wedding anniversary in August 2014)

Wedding chateau

* Eliza & Pierre’s wedding (August 2013, USA/France)

This wedding was featured on the famous blog French wedding style which is a wealth of information for people who are planning a destination wedding in France. See the article here

Best wedding chateau


* Lord and Lady D (UK, July 2013, holiday week, returning for the second time)

Wedding chateau

* Press trip (July 2013) : The delicious food and warm welcome were what to expect in a such a wonderful estate. We had a magnificent stay.

* Anne & Jeff’s wedding (June 2013, USA/Belgium/UK, will be back for their wedding anniversary in 2018 !!!) : A huge thank you for planning, prepping and perfectly executing our wedding week-end. It was much more beautiful than we imagined and had hoped to have. Our families and friends were awed. Thank you !!

* Jennifer & Julien’s wedding and week holiday (June 2013, USA/France). This wedding was also featured on style me pretty

best villa rental



* Angelita and Edouard’s wedding (June 2013 – Brazil/France – pictures featured on our blog) : Thank you again for a truly wonderful wedding week-end, your hard work is exemplary and we will always be thankful ! It was better than imagined.

* Tessa & Marlon’s wedding (June 2013, UK – this wedding was featured in Hello UK magazine and the couple came back for their wedding anniversary in May 2014) : Everything we dreamed of and more ! The most breathtaking backdrop for our special day. It could not have been more perfect. Our wonderful hosts Sonia and Aymeric have made it such a fantastic experience for us. We never want to leave… until next time (the bride).

Chateau de Varennes is amazing. It’s been everything that I could have wanted. I plan to return again because of the love and happiness I have had here (the groom).

Chateau de Varennes really was the perfect venue for Tessa and Marlon’s wedding. It was made more enjoyable by our hosts Sonia and Aymeric’s attention to details and their comfortable, friendly manner made everything so wonderful. Thank you very much, Tessa and Marlon never stopped smiling ; as did all the guests ! (bride’s parents)

A fairytale wedding. Breath-taking. Unforgettable (a guest)

* Atnet (corporate seminar, June 2013, France) : Thank you for your warm welcome and the quality of the service you are providing. We now have to return to our daily lives in Paris after this magical getaway.

* Press trip (Grund genug magazine Germany, May 2013) : I would like to say a thousand thanks to you again. These were magical days at your chateau.

* Rene & Margot’s birthday and holiday week (May 2013, Netherlands) : Thank you for a wonderful say at your chateau. We and all our guest very much enjoyed the stay and the services (pool, soccer goals, volleyball nets, bikes, maids etc.) If ever we have another occasion we look forward to our return to the chateau.

* Daphna’s 2 weeks holiday (March-April 2013, Germany/UK) : Thank you for a fabulous time at your chateau. We had our annual family reunion here and everyone from 4 months to 91 years old had a great time (Daphna)

Thank you for your great hospitality. We lived magical moments in an outstanding place (Franck)

Thank you for everything ! The best part was playing on the trampoline and swings. It’s a very nice house ! Thank you again ! (Maya, 11 years old)

* Sean’s birthday party (Nov 2012, South Africa) : Dear Sonia, Aymeric, I wished we had the opportunity to thank you personally for last weekend, it was a truly special event that we wont easily forget. Everyone was amazed by it’s beauty and charm and will certainly spread the word. Thank you so much once again, and hope to see you soon.

* Jennifer’s holiday week (Sept 2012, Australia) : A fantastic week of hide and seek for the 11 children. Great times.

* Anna & Tom’s wedding (Sept 2012, Australia/UK/USA) : THANK YOU!!!!! We had the most magical time at our wedding… we can’t stop talking about how amazing everything was.

You and Aymeric were truly incredible and we are all so thankful to you both for creating such an unforgettable and special event. I hope it was your best wedding yet at your beautiful chateau… the only wedding that I would be ok with beating ours, will be my sisters, which will also hopefully happen one day soon at Varennes!!! (Anna)

* Thank you so much for all your efforts. The wedding was more than perfect. Every day was unique and you worked so hard to make it all go so smoothly.

I absolutely adored the lanterns, the fireworks were outstanding, the wine tasting and tour of the environs was beautiful, the flowers and the decoration of the chapel were exquisite, as was the food! The wedding menu was brilliant, all the food was visually beautiful and the tastes were divine. The barbecue, breakfasts, brunch all superb and the wines exceptional as was the champagne.

Thank you for your attention to detail and for your unrelenting kindness. Your staff are well chosen and they too performed all duties with kindness and always with smiles!

We have no regrets apart from the fact that it is now a memory but you helped to give us some of the best memories of our life. Thank you.

We are planning to return for a reunion and we will certainly return for our daughter Alexandra’s wedding ! Thank you for everything. Best wishes always, (bride’s mother, wedding, September 2012)

* Clare’s holiday week (Summer 2012, Guernesey islands) : Just a quick email to thank you and all your staff for the most wonderful week at Chateau de Varennes. It was truly one of the most outstanding holidays for us all. I will be in touch about next year. Regards. Clare

* George’s holiday week (Summer 2012, USA) : Thank you for an incredible week in  this exceptional place. The surrounding area is charming and full of lovely day trips. Of course the wine of the region was outstanding. We had a great opportunity to relax and unwind, the staff was most kind and the resident chef was terrific (as good as a Michelin star chef).

* Sarah’s holiday week (Summer 2012, UK) : Our stay at your lovely chateau was truly memorable. The house has a wonderful atmosphere and the beds were so comfortable and all the bedrooms and bathrooms really lovely and luxurious. The children had the holiday of a lifetime…..they never stopped talking and playing from the moment they arrived! I think, should we come again which we find very tempting, we would employ the chef for both meals. I would like to say again on behalf of the whole family that it was a truly wonderful holiday from which we savour many many happy memories. With warmest wishes from us both, Bernard and Sarah (holiday group, Summer 2012, came back in Summer 2013)

* Louisa & Simon’s wedding (Summer 2012, UK) : Many thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us for our wedding week-end. The sun shone for us and we had a truly wonderful day. Your staff are wonderful, they all worked very hard to make things run smoothly for us. The chef’s food is awesome. This is really the most perfect setting. We have loved our week-end. Thank you.

Many thanks for all your excellent help. A beautiful setting for a wonderful wedding. Superb food ! (mother of the bride)

* Myriam & Adrian’s wedding and week holiday (Summer 2012, Switzerland) : It was amazing, just amazing, and the most beautiful start into my marriage that I could have dreamed of! Thank you so so much! Adrian is overwhelmed by all the work we did and the beauty and magic of the result! And so are our friends! What is the most important for me is that this wedding proves that our passion and dedication to perfection leads to a magic atmosphere and a absolutely loving surrounding. (holiday and wedding, July 2012)

* Alexandre’s week holiday and 40th birthday (Summer 2012, Canada) : Ce fut vraiment un séjour magnifique. Tous mes invités ont été très heureux de leur séjour aux deux châteaux et des activités. Bravo, et mille fois mercis, tout le staff était très agréable et professionnel. Ce fut réellement mémorable. À très bientôt

* Risa & Griff’s wedding (June 2012, USA/UK) : We just wanted to thank you for letting us have our wedding at Chateau Varennes. It was truly an amazing weekend, everything we wanted for our wedding. The venue was the perfect place to have our families and friends celebrate with us. It was comfortable, relaxing and of course a stunning setting. You truly have an amazing place, it’s incredibly special. We leave tomorrow for our honeymoon. Thank you again, we will never forget this weekend!

* Nasim & Shek’s wedding (June 2012, Iran/Ivory Coast/USA) : We chose the Chateau de Varennes because the place is magical. It is beautifully renovated with the perfect balance between old and new. Also, we chose the Chateau because the owners, Sonia and Aymeric, made us and all of our guests staying there feel so comfortable. We had the luxuries of a perfect life – huge grounds, pool, trampoline, private chef – and the warmth of feeling at home.(testimonial as featured in the famous blog junebugweddings)

* The castle of Chateau de Varennes is one of those locations straight out of a fairytale. It’s beautiful, magical and inspiring (Vinicius Matos, photographer, Brazil, June 2012, quoted on junebugweddings)

* Newbay seminar (June 2012, UK/USA) : This is truly a magical place. And we had a wonderful time. The best week-end ever ! These four days have been like a few days in heaven with the chef’s delicious food, the maids’s affectionate service and the beautiful blend of a formal and informal ambience.

* Chris & Mutsumi’s wedding (May 2012, UK/Japan) : I would wish to thank you both so very much for providing Chris and Mutsumi with the fairytale wedding that they wished for. The Chateau is outstanding,the planning and organisation was of the highest professional standard as was the catering. Any future bride should have no doubt whatsoever in choosing Chateau de Varennes for their wedding as they will always be given Seven Star treatment in the most beautiful of surroundings. Thank you both once again (groom’s parents, Chris & Mutsumi wedding, May 2012)

*  Cindy & Henrik’s wedding (May 2012, Malaysia/Denmark) : Once again, we would like to thank you for all your help and support for our wedding and our stay. It has been a wonderful week for us during our stay

* Martin & Anne-Marie’s wedding (May 2012, Netherlands) : Thanks for the wedding. All the guests had an amazing time. Also thanks for the chef, very good meals and of course the rest of the staff.

* Caroline & Ricky’s wedding (May 2012, UK) : Sonia, Everything was perfect!! I can’t thank you enough, it truly was the best weekend of our lives. I really want people to know just what a fantastic wedding planner you are, and what an incredible venue you have. Thank you again


*  Y&R Switzerland branch (corporate workshop, Switzerland, October 2011, came back 1 week every year since we opened) : MERCI !!! We will be back

* Tara’s coaching workshop (October 2011, USA)  : Our stay in your chateau was magnificent. Our event was perfectly showcased in the space you have created. The staff was over the top. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (came back 1 week for 3 times since we opened)

* We had such perfect time. Everything was just right (Paul’s 40th birthday, October 2011)

* Our wedding was the most unforgettable and wonderful experience! The owners are a lovely couple who helped us to organize our wedding from A to Z (I never realized there was so much to do and think of!). We spent a blissful week-end with our friends and families in Varennes and left with many wonderful memories we will cherish all of our life (Christine, Germany, wedding, testimonial featured on CNN)

* Thank you very much for all your work. The result was above our expectations, everything was absolutely perfect and we are very grateful to you for our wonderful wedding (Andrea, Italia, wedding, October 2011)

* Thank you for your friendly welcome in your chateau, we enjoyed the week very much. And so we are thinking about renting again a week in the beginning of october 2012! (Karl, Germany, holiday break, September 2011, came back in October 2012)

* We had such an amazing, fun, relaxing week. Many thanks to Sonia and Aymeric for being so helpful and making everything so perfect and especially to the chef for the most delicious food. We hope to return. (Henry and Jan, UK, holiday group, September 2011, came back in August 2012)

* We had the most amazing time and will enjoy looking back at our time together in this spectacular chateau. many thanks (Vesna, holiday break, Switzerland August 2011)

* The most memorable vacation to date. It has truly been a pleasure to be able to enjoy the experience. (Maureen, UK, holiday break, August 2011)

* We’ve become so attached to your beautiful chateau. Your attention to detail and sense of style makes this place an even more special destination. Thank you for all your help, our stay has been truly wonderful and we hope to be back again. PS : thank you to the staff who have all been fantastic and pleasant (Lydia, UK, holiday break, August 2011)

* I imagine heaven to be like this. I stand in awe of your magnificent generosity (Ben, UK, holiday break, July 2011)

* Luxury in every way. Thank you all ! (Kate, UK, holiday break, July 2011)

* A fabulous, fantastic, enchanting house, matched only by the generosity and bon vivant of the host. Thank you very much. (Sue, UK, holiday and Billy’s 21st birthday, July 2011)

* We felt like the whole experience was one magical fairy tale that we didn’t want to end. I think you did a fantastic job, you are the best. It was truly a beautiful event. All our family had a brilliant time and thought that this is a magical place that will stay with us forever. (Roksana & Dmitry, Russia, wedding, July 2011)

* Thank you so much again for all your help in creating such an unforgettable event for us and our family and friends. Everybody at the wedding told us that they have never experienced such a beautiful wedding, and while part of this is due to our friends and family who were with us, much is due to you and all the other helpers in the kitchen and around. (Bjorn & Annika, Australia/Dubai/Germany, wedding, June 2011)

* Again, Sonia and Aymeric, you really made our dream come true. I cannot put into words my appreciation for all the effort and work that you put into our special day. Thank you both. (Colleen and Nicholas, Canada/USA, wedding, May 2011)

* Thanks so much for an incredible week at the Chateau. The entire experience was incredible, your staff are fantastic and food brilliant ! (Penny, Australia, birthday and holiday break, April 2011)

* We just wanted to say thank you again – the chateau and your great quality as hosts made this moment magic. Everything was perfect and exceeded our expectations. Merci de nous avoir accueillis dans ce lieu magique… We are so happy… difficult to find the words. I can’t wait for 10th, 15th, 20th… anniversary for another great celebration here! (Barbara & James, UK/France, wedding, March 2011)


* When visiting the venue for our son’s wedding, we were treated to lunch at Chateau Varennes in Burgundy by Count Aymeric and Countess Sonia de Truchis de Varennes. They were very gracious hosts. It was in the main dining room and very formal. An excellent meal with a great wine. Big and full with notes of charred oak, blueberries, and plums. A hint of mint on the nez (cellar tracker club, Oct 2010)

* I wanted to write and say how much we enjoyed our stay at your Chateau. It is a beautiful place and very comfortable – Our whole group really enjoyed themselves. Burgundy is a beautiful place! The cook and the team were fantastic – amazing food, very helpful staff. Thanks again. (Oliver, UK, August 2010)

* I just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed our holiday in Burgundy. Your chateau is superbly equipped and provided excellent accommodation for our family. We were all very happy there. (Ronald, Canada, September 2010)

* This is the most beautiful experience of my life. Thank you to everyone ! We truly could not have gotten married without the loving support of our family and the exceptional efforts of Sonia, Aymeric and team. You are a blessing. I will hold this time close to my heart forever ! PS : we’ll be back! (Rachel, USA, wedding, July 2010)

* We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to spend the week at your beautiful chateau. It does feel like a dream. I keep pinching myself! Thank you so much for all of your help in organizing our special day (John, USA, wedding, July 2010)

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